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We have been working effortlessly on creating what we think will be revolutionary, exciting and fun. To keep it simple we plan on releasing products and services that have not been seen in this market EVER: ….. * Bikinis that change color in the sun and water, and are still CUTE, ** Mystery Boxes where you can choose the swimwear, beauty products and accessories you want; *** Prizes and Giveaways including trips to Cabo, Bahamas, LA and Miami, photo shoots on our strategic partner’s mega yacht; **** Rewards that allow you to not only monetize your following. Oh yeah, we have an app! Our app will simplify the way bikinis are bought by giving you the freedom to create your own digital avatar and bikini sets. You can decide how you will, what bikini and accessories you want to show the world. And, you can change them as often as you like.

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We will send you a digital coupon and code that gives you another 5.00% (five percent) off our current COVID discount. An entry into our mystery raffle might contain one or more of the following: $300.00 USD Store credit; free bikinis, free Mystery Box; Free beach towel with our logo; Free beauty products and accessories. Note: see our website for a complete list of our products. These change constantly so come back often.

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We are giving away cars, trips, and more cash prizes!

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